ACS Equal Rights working group project a success!

November 1, 2006 | | Comments Off on ACS Equal Rights working group project a success!

As many of you know, our chapter has 3 working groups, each tackling a mini-project in a specialized field of the law.  One of these, the “Equal Rights” group, set out to work on a project concerning Virginia’s Marshall/Newman marriage amendment.  For those of you who aren’t aware, the Marshall/Newman Amendment seeks to amend Virginia’s constitution in order to not only bar gay marriage, but bar recognition of any legal relationship other than heterosexual unions.  Nevermind the fact that gay marriage has been statutorily barred in the Commonwealth for over thirty years.

At the request of Equality Virginia, WM’s ACS group set to work on a white paper examining some of the arguments in favor of the marriage amendment.  Specifically, Roger Pogge of the evangelical group Virginia 4 Marriage published an op-ed piece in the Richmond Times-Dispatch on August 11, 2006.  The op-ed argued that a vote AGAINST the Marshall/Newman Amendment would result in an increasing infringement upon religious liberty.

Our task was to respond to this editorial with arguments based in the law.  Below is a link to the paper that we produced.  On October 18, the League of Women Voters hosted a debate at the Williamsburg Public Library and representatives of Equality Virginia used our paper in order to refute the Pogge-esque arguments that were asserted.  In all, this was a great experience to interact with the community on a topic of immediate importance and will hopefully serve as a model for projects in the future.  Participating in the writing of this paper were ACS members:  Jacksy Bilsborrow, Jenny Cordis, Emily Dodds, Megan Hay, Neal Hoffman, Genevieve Jenkins, Sarah Miller, Edward Molari, and Satya Vanderbilt.  Take a look at our paper if you have a moment and we hope that you will participate in our group project next semester!

WM Marriage Amendment Paper

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