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February 23, 2009 | | Comments Off on Student Chapter of the Week

When our chapter established goals for the academic year, we aimed high.

In addition to planning countless compelling events on campus, generating hundreds of original blog posts on this website, and maintaining a strong progressive presence at William & Mary– we also sought to be recognized as an American Constitution Society “Chapter of the Week”.

Well, we did it!

Check us out, currently featured on their site with this glowing praise:

The ACS Student Chapter at the William & Mary School of Law has been organizing outstanding programs that advance ACS’s mission to promote the vitality of the U.S. Constitution.

The chapter started the Fall semester by hosting Tom Goldstein, who presented an intimate talk about his Supreme Court litigation practice. W&M ACS then co-hosted, with the Federalist Society, a discussion featuring former Solicitors General Walter Dellinger and Paul Clement for a program titled “Solicitors General: Above the Fray?” The ACS chapter also hosted a discussion on voting rights, featuring Judge Charleston, a presentation on post-Heller policies with Brian Siebel from the Brady Center, and a timely talk about the gendered context of the 2008 election with Prof. Karen Beckwith.

Additionally, W&M ACS managed to squeeze in several movie screenings to highlight important issues, such as environmental policy and corporate accountability. In coming weeks, the chapter will be hosting a discussion on Employment Discrimination (utilizing clips from “The Office”), a talk about the Presidential Records Act in the digital era, and they will even be taking a field trip to Washington, D.C. to see the Supreme Court, as well as much more.

You can follow the activities of the W&M ACS and read original analysis of progressive issues on the chapter’s blog, one of the campus’s most active student blogs, here.

Keep up the good work, W&M ACS. We’re just getting started.

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