Deeds v. McDonnell (round 2)

November 3, 2009 | | Comments Off on Deeds v. McDonnell (round 2)

Deeds (D) and McDonnell (R) faced off once before, when they ran for attorney general. For those unfamiliar with Virginia politics, McDonnell won that race. This time Deeds and McDonnell are in a battle for governor. At this point, the odds are against the democratic candidate.

As of October 27, 2009, Deeds was thirteen points behind McDonnell in the polls. If anything could have given Deeds a boost, it should have been President Obama’s campaign appearance at Old Dominion University. The President’s appearance actually made 39% of those polled, less likely to vote for candidate Deeds. Voters seem to be more trusting of McDonnell on the major issues, such as government spending, transportation, and taxes.

One thing that continues to haunt McDonnell, is the thesis he wrote while he was a student at Regent University. McDonnell was thirty-four when he wrote his thesis, so the propositions he made cannot be blamed on his youth. As a student at Regent, McDonnell believed that women with careers were harmful to families, and that the government should “ favor married couples over fornicators and homosexuals”. He also thought access to birth control should be limited to married couples. McDonnell prefers to focus on the issues rather than his questionable beliefs. He does claim that he no longer harbors any negative feelings towards working women, fornicators, or homosexuals.

Both candidates plan to tackle the transportation issue, which is a huge problem in Virginia. The congestion in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads has been a growing concern for most state residents. McDonnell’s transportation plan includes creating a rail that runs from Northern Virginia to Hampton Roads. He also plans to synchronize stop lights and increase the speed limit to 70 mph on some highways. To finance his transportation plan, McDonnell will rely on federal funding, the surplus from the state’s general fund, and profits from selling ABC stores to the private sector.

Deeds’ transportation plan includes fixing the existing infrastructure. For example, he wants to expand water crossings in Hampton Roads.He also plans to create a high speed rail, and reduce rush hour traffic with flex time schedules, that allow commuters to use the roads in non-peak hours.As far as financing, Deeds’ plan is pretty vague. He says he will create a bi-partisan commission to come up with a concrete funding scheme. Deeds does not agree with using general fund money for transportation because he fears that it would conflict with education funding. He is also against privatizing ABC stores.

Both candidates also plan to address the economy. McDonnell will appoint the lieutenant governor as “Virginia’s Chief Job Creation Officer”. He will also nominate an official to work specifically with rural economic development. Under McDonnell’s plan, every company that creates a minimum of fifty jobs will receive a tax credit of $1,000. McDonnell thinks that attracting fortune 500 companies will be critical to the future of Virginia’s economy. There will also be a focus on creating “green jobs”.

Deeds plans to focus on supporting small minority and women owned businesses. Deeds will also provide a tax credit for job creation, however, his plan is less restrictive than McDonnell’s. Small businesses will receive a tax credit for every job they create. Also like McDonnell, Deeds will focus on creating “green jobs”, and assisting rural areas.

Surprisingly, the candidates have similar views regarding the major social issues. Deeds, an avid hunter, supports 2nd amendment rights just like his republican competitor. Both candidates believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. Candidate Deeds, however, seems open to legislation intended to protect homosexual relationships. The candidates support the continued use of the death penalty, but only for the most egregious offenses. The only major social issue they definitely disagree on is abortion. Deeds is clearly pro-choice and McDonnell is pro-life.

Both candidates have some great ideas. The election is November 3, 2009. VOTE!

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