Mississippi’s Vote on “Personhood”

November 6, 2011 | | Comments Off on Mississippi’s Vote on “Personhood”

by Emily Brown

On November 8, Mississippians will vote on a constitutional amendment that would extend the definition of the legal person to include a fertilized human egg. Proposition 26, the proposed amendment, could pose a hazardous threat to reproductive rights in the state while also violating the Fourteenth Amendment. The amendment would create a dangerous invasion of criminal law into healthcare by prohibiting all abortions even those resulting from rape or incest. Proposition 26 would even ban some forms of birth control such as, IUDs and the morning-after pills.

Beyond prohibiting a constitutional right stemming from the fourteenth amendment, Proposition 26 will likely have major legal ramifications for women and healthcare providers. The amendment could possibly give the state the power to charge a woman taking the “morning-after” pill with murder. The statute obviously has far reaching abilities that would violate the constitutional right established by Roev. Wade and also cripple reproductive healthcare in Mississippi.


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