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This week has been extremely hectic, so instead of gathering research, I will simply tell a personal story of mine.

In college, I was president of a national honor society, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS.)  In 2008, we held our national convention at the Coronado Springs Hotel in Orlando, Florida.  It was here where I met Jeff Smith.  Jeff was a politician who, at the age of 30, ran against Russ Carnahan for the 2004 Missouri congressional seat.  The Carnahan family is synonymous with the Kennedy’s of Massachusetts.  The Carnahan’s are a very prominent political family.  Jeff entered as an unknown and throughout the campaign made a documentary titled “Can Mr. Smith get to Washington Anymore?”  Jeff ran against nine other candidates in this crowded race and built an impressive foundation of political support.  The end result?  He narrowly lost against Russ in the democratic primaries.

Jeff would later go on to win a state senate seat in 2007 and in 2008, flew down to Florida to speak with members of my organization.  Jeff was a very nice guy and very charismatic.  Despite his loss in 2004, I really could see his political career flourishing. 

Let’s fast forward to two night ago.  A friend of mine who writes for a national magazine contacted me.  He was looking for stories of politicians who really made an impact in their communities.  Instead of finding prominent politicians, however, he wanted to find people who are not nationally known.  The theme was “ordinary people doing extraordinary thing.” 

I immediately thought of Jeff Smith.  This might be his big chance to really make a name for himself with people outside of Missouri, or at the very least, in his home state.  I was about to contact Jeff when I stumbled upon an article…

Apparently, Jeff has now resigned his senate seat and has plead guilty to two counts of conspiracy to obstruct justice.  He will be sentenced in November.

What’s the moral of this story?  Well, someone may joke that it is best not to run against a political family.  The serious answer is: don’t commit conspiracy.            


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