Fear, Loathing, Clinging, and Buying at an Awesome Clip

March 31, 2009 | Comments Off on Fear, Loathing, Clinging, and Buying at an Awesome Clip

The phrase is an infamous part of the history of the 2008 election.  Those small-town folks that “cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them…”  Its one of the reasons that some fear the policies of the Obama administration.  That fear has culminated in another form of economy stimulation; gun […]

Vice Presidential Records

October 3, 2008 | Comments Off on Vice Presidential Records

Although the focus in the US general presidential election is usually on the presidential nominees, this election has provided a unique focus on the vice president.  Last night’s vice-presidential debate focused mainly on the differences between their presidential running mates.  One question towards the end, however, discussed the unique position of Vice President Dick Cheney’s […]

Solicitors General: Above the Fray?

September 29, 2008 | Comments Off on Solicitors General: Above the Fray?

Last week former Solicitor Generals Paul Clement and Walter Dellinger kicked off the annual Supreme Court Preview with a discussion, co-sponsored by ACS, about whether and how the Solicitor General can stay above the political fray. Paul Clement began by explaining what the Solicitor General does. In addition to playing a crucial role in selecting […]

Retroactive Immunity: Not A Compromise

June 23, 2008 | Comments Off on Retroactive Immunity: Not A Compromise

A deal has been reached in the House under which the telecommunications companies, which permitted the President to illegally spy on Americans, will have the cases against them dismissed once the Attorney General represents to a US District court that the Government requested their cooperation in obtaining wiretaps of American citizens in violation of congress’ […]

Justice Scalia on Bush v. Gore

April 24, 2008 | Comments Off on Justice Scalia on Bush v. Gore

Justice Scalia reacted indignantly when questioned about the Court’s decision in Bush v. Gore, suggesting everyone should “get over it” because the legal issue “wasn’t even close.” While I have always thought that outrage, while predictable and in some sense justified, the Court largely handled the legal issues fairly. The problem with Justice Scalia’s dismissive […]

Telecom Spying– You Are Still Not Safe

April 4, 2008 | Comments Off on Telecom Spying– You Are Still Not Safe

You’re still not safe because there’s still no terrorism exception to the rule of law. That was the message from the Attorney General this week in his address to the Commonwealth Club of California. After his initial remarks (which were on the ongoing effort to fight public corruption) he solicited a question on the debate […]

Senate Immunizes Warrantless Wiretapping

February 14, 2008 | Comments Off on Senate Immunizes Warrantless Wiretapping

Jim Webb, John Warner, and a supermajority of the Senate (68-29), just sold you out. The Senate just passed a bill which would excuse the telecommunications companies for violating the rights that same Senate conferred upon you. Make no mistake, there hasn’t been the slightest suggestion that what they did was legal. Rather, those supporting […]

Re Fwd Executive Privilege (TTYL)

October 23, 2007 | Comments Off on Re Fwd Executive Privilege (TTYL)

Remember the blog post from June where we raised the question: Is Rove the most prolific emailer of all time? Well, we might finally get our reply. Though the Bush administration has asserted executive privilege over the emails from aides and officials, U.S. magistrate judge urged a federal judge last week to order the White […]

Cartoon of the Week

October 19, 2007 | Comments Off on Cartoon of the Week

By Dwane Powell , The Raleigh News and Observer From the Cartoonist Group. Courtesy of Center for American Progress Action Fund (here)

Renewed Vigilance

October 3, 2007 | Comments Off on Renewed Vigilance

The Office of Homeland Security was hoping the title of this post would refer to the new level of surveillance they would be making available to state and local law enforcement agencies. Intelligence satellites, which had previously been available domestically only for meteorological purposes, were slated to become accessible through a new program to be […]

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