Naming and Shaming: Pro Bono Becomes Political Ammo

By Ben Neumeyer

For the right-wing media, criticizing the Department of Justice under Eric Holder and its handling of the war on terror  has become a bit like the proverbial “spaghetti test”: throw what you can against the wall and see if it sticks.  The newest salvo has come from Keep America Safe, a political advocacy organization dedicated to defending Bush-era policies in the war on terror.  The organization, founded by Liz Cheney, Bill Kristol and Deborah Burlingame, the survivor of a 9/11 victim, released a video calling the patriotism of the Depart of Justice into question.  It’s dishonest, condescending, and wrong, but has to be see to be believed. (Available here)


The video attempts to portray seven political appointees at the DOJ as jihadi sympathizers for fighting for due process for Guantanamo detainees pro bono while they were working at large law firms.  Even better, it suggests that Justice (or the “Department of Jihad”) is covering up their identities for unsavory reasons.   In the past few days, the video has become a minor right-wing news meme.


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